New Tools of Learning or Challenges to Face – Many private and government schools have started online education due to the school being closed during the lockdown. In addition to completing the children’s course, the douts are also being cleared online.

Before these situations arrived it was always a big-time debate regarding which is better online classes or traditional classrooms and now that almost all schools and colleges are using online modes for teaching, there are many points of views regarding the same, positive as well as negative.

But this arrangement is very new to the school students as well as their parents. Most parents consider it as a problem for them.
According to them, the responsibility has been piled on to the parents more than anybody else in the name of online education.

They also complain that the teachers are not able to spare enough time to talk to each child separately. Some parents say that their entire day is spent getting the child’s homework done.

So let us check out the pros and cons of Online Classes.

Advantages of Online Classes Over Traditional Classes

Time Management

In online classes you can finish your classes in about one-third of the time it takes you on campus. Whereas in traditional classes every process has to be detailed which takes time.

Tools of learning 

Online learning provides many channels through which students and instructors interact with each other, including email, online chat, and video conferences. Whereas in classrooms there is only one way of teaching i.e. is one to all learning method.


The quality of feedback or answer tends to be more detailed and focused in an online class than in the classroom setting, as a child gets comparatively more time to phrase an answer. Where the child has a fraction of seconds to answer a question where he is not able to deeply analyze the topic.


Online classes offer a lot of flexibility regarding many things like time, recording lectures as well as personal space. In online classes the student has to be in strict discipline, to maintain which there are a lot of restrictions.


Group contact tends to be continually maintained in online classes and the main focus is always studies and no extra activities, whereas students in class always find a way to gossip and distract the class.

Advantages of Traditional Classes Over Online Classes

Collaborative learning

The classroom environment has always proved to be essential to promote and stimulate collaborative learning. Collaborative learning increases a student’s self-awareness about how other students learn and enables them to learn more easily and effectively, transforming them into keen learners inside and beyond the classroom.

Social Interaction

In classrooms, it makes it possible for students to have direct engagements with instructors and students. With this mode of learning, students are capable of having detailed discussions, asking lots of questions, and covering many concepts in one topic. That will, in the long run, improve student performance and competence in the field of specialization.

Practical Learning 

Practical learning apart from Computer science is only possible in traditional classes. For Example, all the science practicals, Art classes, etc. are not possible in Online Classes.

Networking challenges

On-campus, students are surrounded by people who are enthusiastic about their field. They can introduce themselves to and chat with professors (even if you’re not in their class) and faculty, fellow students, guest lecturers, and so on. And they can get involved in on-campus professional organizations that connect them with real-life professionals. Online students don’t have the same opportunities to make connections.

Technical Issues 

In classrooms there is no fear of technical issues, the class goes on smoothly, on the other hand, new learners and students who have not studied online before face a lot of issues technically.