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A cancellation must be made known in writing or any other recorded manner and form, within five (5) business days after the later date on which the agreement was concluded.

Contact our Retentions Officer at info@soholearninghub.com to discuss your reason for cancellation. Our Retentions Officer will discuss your rationale and help you reach an informed decision. Where you proceed with the cancellation, you need to complete and submit a cancellation of studies form.

The refund process (within the cooling-off period within five (5) business days) will be concluded within fifteen (15) working days. Should you cancel after the cooling off period, but within fourteen (14) working days, it is subject to evaluation by the Retentions Officer to determine any possibility of a partial refund.

After the cooling-off period, you won’t be entitled to a full refund of the course fees. Any refund arrangement, in this case, is at the discretion of the UNi4 Online Academic Department Office. Consideration needs to be given to the time period and the degree of access and progress reported by the Virtual Learning Environment platform. A refund is calculated by the UNi4 Online Academic Department Office on its discretion that may involve a bilateral solicitation with you to mediate and resolve the most amicable result.

Should a refund be determined and approved by our UNi4 Online Academic Department Office, SOHO Learning Hub – Short Courses Online will process the refund within 90 days of the decision. The refund is to be processed onto the same means paid for it, or to an account agreed to in writing.

SOHO Learning Hub – Short Courses Online reserves the right to suspend access to course material in the event of payment default. Any resulting discussion or dispute is conducted according to the guidance of Par. 69 of the LRA. If such develops, the UNi4 Online Academic Department Office will enter mediation with the purpose of determining the facts and resolving the dispute. All in observance of the LRA stipulations.