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Human Capital Management in Hospitality

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  • Duration 26h
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  • Last Update November 1, 2023

About Course

Universidad de Palermo


Assess the skills, knowledge, and potential of your team

Since people are a key element in hospitality management, it’s vital that you understand the human capital of your business: the skills, knowledge, competencies, and attributes of your team.

You’ll learn the importance of human capital in the hospitality industry on this four-week course, from recruiting and training the perfect team to managing motivation and teamwork to ensure guest satisfaction.

Explore the relationship between internal and external customers

Making sure that your guests are happy with the service in your hotel is one of the most important factors in hotel management. But you also have internal customers that need to be satisfied, and that’s the staff.

You’ll learn how to assess the different aspects of human capital and identify which skills and attributes can give you a real competitive advantage.

Develop effective processes for recruiting and motivating teams

To optimise service, you need to first understand what makes a great team function effectively.

You’ll look at the full process of building a highly competitive and productive team, from recruitment and selection to motivating them. You’ll learn the techniques and tools to use to ensure you build and cultivate the best team for your business.

Learn techniques for hospitality training and management in the digital era

Much has changed in the hospitality industry over the years, with digital tools transforming many aspects of the hotel business.

This course will guide you through human capital management in the digital era and how using digital tools and robotics can improve your training and overall management of staff.



Who will you learn with?

Vilma Insaurralde

Vilma Insaurralde

Degree in Nutrition. Postgraduate degree in university teaching. Studying a master’s degree in Economics and Tourism Development. Currently, she teaches at the University of Palermo.


Who developed the course?

Universidad de Palermo

Universidad de Palermo

Universidad de Palermo is global university based in Argentina, recognised as one of the best and most innovative in Latin America.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the aspects of human capital that transform them into a real competitive advantage in the organisations of the sector.
  • Investigate how to plan the staff needs in different departments of a hotel company.
  • Evaluate the functioning of highly competitive and motivated teams.
  • Explore the scope of changes in human capital management in the era of digitalisation and robotics.
  • Practice the processes of description and design of profiles in a context of permanent change in labour competences.

Topics for this course

9 Lessons26h

What is human capital and how is it managed in the hospitality industry??

In this activity we present the main topics and the itinerary for this week and invite you to reflect on the importance of people and their relationship to hospitality.
Welcome to the course VIDEO (02:35)00:2:35
Reflecting on the importance of people and human capital as a limitless resource

What is hospitality? How can we entertain guests in the hospitality industry??

In this activity, we'll reflect on knowledge about people and their human capital, the hotel tourism organisation and the relationship with the client/guest as requirements for the achievement of hospitality.

Identifying aspects of human capital?

In this activity, we will look at what makes human capital the real competitive advantage for organisations in the sector.

Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for anyone with an interest in the tourism and hospitality sector. It will be especially useful to university students currently studying hospitality or for any professionals in the industry.