At any given time, nearly 20 percent of all undergraduate students are enrolled in at least one online course — and this trend continues to spike upward every year. Indeed, online education has become an easy and accessible option for both college-age students and working professionals and has also opened the door for more and more individuals to earn an advanced degree. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, even traditional four-year universities have started offering online classes. But while spearheading this effort was largely due to student and faculty health concerns, many would agree that providing more options has been long overdue. Here are a few of the many benefits students receive through online learning:


For some people, a traditional college course load is just not conducive to their success. Instead of taking on a 15-credit hour semester, they may prefer to take one class at a time or during certain times of the year. With online learning, though, you can study when and where it works best for you. As you balance your personal, work and academic life, online learning is the best way to stay level. Plus, the pace is also more flexible, allowing you to choose where to put your energy when it comes to studying and completing assignments.

Freedom to Work

Many institutions offer online courses with great flexibility. In some cases, lectures are pre-recorded and provided on-demand to students, while other places of study have live lectures held at multiple times in a given day or week. This freedom allows students to set their own schedules for completing coursework, meaning they can work and attend college simultaneously to obtain an associate degree.

When you’re able to hold down a job while attending school, you gain valuable real-world experience, while also furthering your career prospects from an academic standpoint. Just make sure to commit to being disciplined in both your coursework and job.

Geographic Flexibility

One of the top benefits of online education is that you can complete your degree from anywhere with internet access. Traditionally, moving while going to college meant you had to change schools. Or, if you wanted to attend a certain school, you’d have to move to attend classes on campus. This is no longer the case. With online education, you can attend classes from just about anywhere, meaning you can get a good education while living in a city you’ve long dreamed about. Indeed, this is a level of flexibility for which many people are thankful.

The Inherent Value of Online Education

As online learning continues to grow in scope and popularity, more and more people are recognizing its extensive list of benefits. From working while studying to being able to go at your own pace, taking online courses is the ultimate flexible option. Before you jump into a traditional four-year degree program, be sure to check out virtual options that may work better for your lifestyle.