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Introduction to Nursing: Bioscience, Psychology, and Sociology

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  • Duration 26h
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  • Last Update August 19, 2021

About Course

University of York


Explore the exciting possibilities of a career in nursing

Most people will have interacted with a qualified nurse during their lifetime, but the profession remains largely misunderstood.

On this course, you’ll develop an accurate understanding of nursing and where a career in nursing can lead. You’ll discover the demands of nursing in emergency and intensive care, and education and research. You’ll also observe nursing in GP surgeries, people’s homes, and assisted living facilities.

The course will explore how basic science, psychology, and sociology is applied in the nursing profession to reveal the diverse role nurses play in our society today.

What topics will you cover?

  • The variety of roles undertaken by nurses
  • The context of nursing, caring for children, adults, older people, individuals with mental health and cognitive support needs
  • Bioscience applied to nursing looking at basic physiological measurement
  • Psychology related to nursing including the impact of psychology on physiology
  • Sociology related to nursing care and society.


Who will you learn with?

David Graham

David Graham

I am a lecturer in Adult Nursing with clinical experience in intensive care nursing. I am the admissions tutor for Nursing and Midwifery at the University of York



Ted Hewitt

Ted Hewitt

I trained as a general nurse before training to be a children’s nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I worked in children’s heart surgical units in London before becoming a lecturer at York.



Laura Scott

Laura Scott

I’m a Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing with interests in professional values, the nurse-patient relationship and older people’s mental health care.



Alison Smalley

Alison Smalley





Who developed the course?

University of York

University of York

The University of York combines the pursuit of academic excellence with a culture of inclusion, which encourages everyone – from a variety of backgrounds – to achieve their best.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify how the application of basic science relates to nursing practice.
  • Describe some of the basic psychology and sociology applied to nursing
  • Discuss the roles of nursing within society
  • Develop an understanding of health research that can be utilised in evidence-based nursing care

Topics for this course

20 Lessons26h


Welcome to the course... some brief introductions and guidelines before we get underway
Introduction VIDEO (02:20)00:00:00
Time to say hello! DISCUSSION

Monitoring vital signs?

First we'll get to grips with the basics... for some this might be something new and for others, more of a refresher

The role of science in nursing?

In this section we will explore the role of science in nursing practice and how current nursing care needs to be based on information that is trustworthy and produces safe and effective outcomes for patients.

Final thoughts?

A summary of what has been discussed.

Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • This course is for individuals interested in, or considering a career in nursing.