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Introduction to Digital Transformation: Understand and Manage Digital Transformation in the Workplace

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  • Duration 30h
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  • Last Update November 17, 2023

About Course

Media Design School


Build skills for the future work landscape

In this course from the Media Design School, you’ll explore the future of the work landscape and how technology continues to redefine it through the process of digital transformation.

You’ll cover key topics, themes, concepts, and vocabulary relating to the overall notion of digital transformation in order to keep your skills fresh and learn new approaches to projects.

Discover the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence (AI)

What makes technology artificially intelligent? This course will help you answer that question, while also looking at the many uses of AI. You’ll also explore the impacts, opportunities, and risks that this technology could have on business and society.

Then you’ll learn about data science, its applications, and the tools that are widely used across the industry. With data being a precious commodity in the modern business world, you’ll also investigate the current challenges that affect the industry.

Explore the key characteristics and uses of cloud computing

As more businesses look to reduce costs, improve security, and enable remote working, cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular.

This course will take you through the key concepts, terminology, and characteristics of cloud computing using popular services, such as AWS, Azure, and Google, as examples.

Learn the design thinking process and agile methodology

Design thinking, a solution-based approach to solving complex problems, has been adopted by many industries due to its effective and efficient methodology.

You’ll examine the components of each step in the design thinking process before applying the methodology to solve a real-world problem. To complement this process, you’ll also explore agile project management, learning its approaches, methodologies, and benefits.

What topics will you cover?

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Cloud Computing
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile


Who will you learn with?

Thomas Kerr

Thomas Kerr

I’m an Online Learning Experience Designer at Torrens University. I’ve worked in educational development for at least 20 years. My passions are second language learning and jazz piano.


Who developed the course?

Media design school logo

Media Design School

Media Design School was the first school in New Zealand to recognize the growing influence of emerging creative industries and develop qualifications to fuel them with talented graduates.

  • Established: 1998

  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand

What Will I Learn?

  • Apply what you have learned in this course to your future work.
  • Contribute to your overall understanding of a Digital Transformation process
  • Describe artificial intelligence and determine what makes technology artificially intelligent
  • Identify current and potential future uses of artificial intelligence and explore the impacts, opportunities and risks of these on business and society.

Topics for this course

20 Lessons30h

About this Course?

Introduction to the subject.
Introduction ARTICLE

Meet Our Industry Experts?

Meet the people who develop, deploy and research artificial intelligence in industry.

What is Artificial Intelligence??

No matter how you imagine artificial intelligence (AI), the fact is that the future is now. AI is already being implemented in many ways, and the use of independently intelligent computer systems will only grow.

What does Artificial Intelligence look like??

Explore how AI is identified.

How is Artificial Intelligence used??

This section will explore a few of the many applications of AI that are impacting the world.

Unique applications of AI??

The ways that AI is used in applications.

Artificial Intelligence and the Business World today??

How AI is integrated into business.

Opportunities and Risks of AI Intelligence?

How AI Intelligence presents both opportunities and risks.


A summary of the course.

Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for anyone looking to enhance their career by learning how to approach digital transformation in their workplace. It will be useful to working professionals in any sector as digital transformation has a broad impact across all industries.