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#IT-03-34 Introduction to Creative AI

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  • Duration 14h
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  • Last Update July 27, 2021

About Course

UAL Creative Computing Institute


Discover the use of AI in the creative industries using practical examples

Machine learning is transforming the creative world, in terms of how creative work is both made and consumed. It’s a burgeoning area, with many potential career opportunities.

On this course, you’ll learn exactly what the creative industries are, and the ways they’re being changed by AI. You’ll identify the latest developments in machine learning, as well as the skills you need to get ahead in creative computing.

Throughout, you’ll examine practical examples of creative AI from creative technologists, artists, media creators, and researchers working at the cutting-edge of the field.


Who will you learn with?

Mick Grierson

Mick Grierson is Professor of Creative Computing at UAL Creative Computing Institute.




Who developed the course?

UAL CCI logo

The UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) offers innovative new courses, research opportunities and a public platform to explore computer science and creative practice.

What Will I Learn?

  • Describe how the creative industries are using AI and machine learning at a basic level.
  • Compare different types of machine learning and AI approaches that are used in the creative industries.
  • Debate the potential of AI to create new media.
  • Summarise deep learning and its application to creative industries.
  • Explain how AI systems are developed.
  • Identify the skills required to work in creative AI.

Topics for this course

12 Lessons14h


In these steps, you will find out what you will be exploring through the week, and uncover some of the facts and fiction surrounding AI.
Welcome to Week 1 VIDEO (02:05)00:02:05
What am I learning? ARTICLE

What is AI??

Let’s look at some common definitions of AI, and begin to explore how AI is being used in the creative industries.

What impact is creative AI having??

In these steps we meet some of the artists using AI creatively, and explore the impact that AI technologies are having on their work and on the creative industries as a whole.

How can you make new media with AI systems??

In these steps we will examine what it means to create a ‘new’ work of art and how this concept of ‘newness’ is explored in the context of creative AI.

Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • This course is aimed at early-career creative technologists, established technologists looking to extend their skills, and professionals from wider fields looking to understand more about the importance and opportunities that creative technologies present.