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#LA-02-05 Innovation and Technology in Legal Services

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  • Duration 8h
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  • Last Update September 27, 2020

About Course

The University of Law


Learn how tech is changing legal services

From AI voice assistants to self-driving cars, technological innovation is changing the way society operates. This revolution is not leaving the legal profession untouched, with tech transforming the way lawyers can deliver their services.

On this course, you’ll discover the tools and ideas that are driving these big changes.

You’ll study the principles of innovation and how tech disruption is affecting legal services, analysing AI and automation – what they mean and how they are changing the way lawyers do their jobs.

Understanding these topics is crucial for aspiring 21st-century lawyers.

What topics will you cover?

  • The Legal Profession, Past and Present
  • Society and Technology
  • Market for Legal Services
  • Legal Innovation
  • Legal Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence • Automation

Who will you learn with?

Patrick Grant

Patrick is a Senior Tutor and Project Director for Legal Tech and Innovation at ULaw’s Leeds Campus.



Who developed the course?

The University of Law Logo

The University of Law is one of the UK’s longest established specialist providers of legal education, believing that students should learn in a realistic, professional and contemporary context.




What Will I Learn?

  • Explore how the legal profession and market for legal services operate
  • Describe the effects of huge advances in technology on the profession and society in general
  • Explain the effects of tech and disruption on the traditional model of Legal Services
  • Evaluate how technology will change the way that Lawyers do their jobs
  • Discuss how important ethics are in a changing legal industry
  • Describe the process of Innovation and the effects of Innovation in Law

Topics for this course

2 Lessons8h

Welcome to the Course?

A brief introduction to the course, covering the learning outcomes and the course structure.
A quick welcome to the course00:01:54

The Legal Profession, Past and Present?

A brief guide to the Legal Profession, its history and the challenges facing it in the 21st Century

Student Feedback


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Times progress, advanced science and technology. From artificial intelligence voice assistants to self-driving cars, technological innovation is changing the way society works. As technology changes the way lawyers provide their services. Make the law profession smart too. The progress of science and technology. This course is very meaningful.

This course gives us an insight into how technological disruption affects legal services, analyzes artificial intelligence and automation, and how they are changing the way lawyers work. It's very vivid. It's very exciting.

I like all the courses on social development. In this course I discovered the tools and ideas that drove these momentous changes in history. It was so interesting. It was so shocking.

With the progress of society, artificial intelligence has become a universal phenomenon. But I had no idea that ARTIFICIAL intelligence would spread to legal services. The course was an eye-opener for me.


Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • This course is primarily aimed at undergraduates and A-Level students who are interested in or are already studying law or law with programs.
  • It would also appeal to lawyers who want a basic introduction to the technological changes occurring in the industry.
  • Tech companies who are looking to expand into the legal sector and require an understanding of the basics of legal innovation and technology would also benefit.
  • The course does not assume prior knowledge of any of the learning outcomes.