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#LA-02-04 From Crime to Punishment: an Introduction to Criminal Justice

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  • Last Update September 25, 2020

About Course

University of York


Why join the course?

What happens when a crime is allegedly committed in England and Wales? Now’s your chance to find out. On this course you’ll follow a suspect through the journey of investigation, prosecution and adjudication. You’ll step inside the courtroom – discovering how criminal justice processes work – and learn about the criminal law and key institutions like the police and the courts.

Charlie Tye

I am a postgraduate student at York Law School, having completed my LLB in 2018. Additionally I support witnesses in the criminal courts and represent the interests of young people to the Police.



Who developed the course?

University of York

The University of York combines the pursuit of academic excellence with a culture of inclusion, which encourages everyone – from a variety of backgrounds – to achieve their best.


What Will I Learn?

  • Identify different definitions of ‘crime’
  • Describe, in basic terms, key processes in criminal justice including investigation, prosecution, defence, adjudication and sentencing
  • Develop a reasoned view on the values underpinning criminal justice processes in England and Wales, and on the effectiveness of institutions including police, lawyers, and courts

Topics for this course

21 Lessons


Welcome to the course - time for some introductions to the course and each other before we start learning about the criminal justice process

Defining ‘crime’?

What are the possible meanings of 'crime'?

What should be a crime??

What sort of behaviours should be covered by the criminal law? What are our reasons for criminalising conduct?

Representations of crime?

How is 'crime' represented in the media and in culture and why does this matter?

How much crime??

How much crime is there? How can we measure it? How effective are our mechanisms for measuring it?

Meet Joe: introducing our case study?

Over the duration of the course, we'll be applying what we have learned to a case study - it's now time to meet Joe and explore the first part of his story

Student Feedback


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It is a very informative course, I have learned a lot now I am clarified in a lot of things.

Crime is a common occurrence around us, and we should go into the courtroom to learn about the suspect's journey through investigation, prosecution and sentencing.

The course was more advanced than my current job skills required. It was a good stretch for me to explore this topic.

What happens if a crime is suspected of being committed in England and Wales? This course is very interesting. It lets me see some things that I never knew.


Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • This course is aimed at those with a good secondary education and an interest in law and/or criminal justice. The level is undergraduate level 1, so equivalent to the first year of a degree course. You do not need any prior knowledge of the field, but a keen interest in criminal justice is essential.