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Filmmaking and Animation Online and in the Classroom

  • Categories Creative Arts
  • Duration 20h
  • Total Enrolled 8
  • Last Update June 7, 2024

About Course

Into Film


Teach your students how to make simple short films and animations

This course will teach you how to use simple filmmaking and animation techniques to aid assessment and attainment across the curriculum for young people aged 5-19.

You’ll discover how film and animation can be used as powerful tools to encourage active learning and enable pupils to establish strong connections with any area of the curriculum.

Explore filmmaking frameworks to use with your students

Alongside filmmaking experts at Into Film you’ll learn how to make simple short films and animations using evaluation and progression throughout the filmmaking process.

You’ll learn to create curriculum-focused filmmaking briefs and get advice for running fun and educational filmmaking projects

Teach filmmaking anywhere

As well as exploring activities for use back in the classroom, the course will help you to consider online strategies for delivering filmmaking and animation activities remotely to support your teaching during times of remote learning.

Learn with Into Film – the film education charity

This course has been developed by Into Film – one of the largest educational charities in the UK – which works with schools to deliver free training, resources and after-school film clubs.

You might also like to check out Into Film’s other course, Using Film to Teach Literacy Online and in the Classroom, which is running at the same time.

Who will you learn with?

Alexia Larkins

Alexia worked as a primary school teacher and enjoyed leading a successful film club. She is now the Training Manager at Into Film.



Justin Matlock

Justin has taught in primary schools for almost a decade, working with pupils across KS1 and KS2. He is now a Learning Coordinator at Into Film.


Simon Richards

As a primary school teacher in South Wales Simon taught right across the KS 1&2 spectrum.
He was also the Teacher Training Manager at Into Film before starting his own training company – eCoach.


Darryl Samuel

Darryl worked as a Secondary Computer Science Teacher and has taught across all key stages. He now works as a Learning Officer at Into Film.



Who developed the course?

Into Film logo

Into Film is a UK-wide film and education charity, which puts film at the heart of children and young people’s learning, contributing to their cultural, creative and personal development.

What Will I Learn?

  • Assess pupil's learning through filmmaking and animation
  • Develop own and pupil's filmmaking skills
  • Produce a range of curriculum-focused short films and animations
  • Explore filmmaking frameworks for use with pupils
  • Evaluate own and peer-made short films to encourage progression
  • Design class-based filmmaking projects

Topics for this course

18 Lessons20h


An introduction to Filmmaking and Animation Online and in the Classroom.
DAn introduction to Filmmaking and Animation Online and in the Classroom00:02:18
Why filmmaking and animation for learning?

Shoot and Screen – think, plan, create, evaluate?

In this activity we’ll be using a filmmaking framework called Shoot and Screen which has four steps: think, plan, create and evaluate.

Think – The one-shot film?

We're going to examine pupil thinking skills and use our thinking skills to generate ideas for using film to maximise learning. We'll also look at film examples created for use in different areas of the curriculum.

Plan – The one-shot film?

In this activity, we will be planning our film and developing the skills we need to create it including learning about camera shots.

Evaluate – the one-shot film?

Screening and evaluating your one-shot film.


In this activity we'll extend our learning and understand how film can be used as a tool for assessment across the curriculum.

Student Feedback


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It will be nice to learn a more advanced level learning of cinematography/animation course to add even more depth to the speaking points that you have laid out from your foundation course, and tailored for intermediate and advanced level learners.

Great introduction to cinematography concepts. Straightforward to follow along and gave me some new insight in setting up better shots when I draw storyboards or comics.

The course went through a lot of explanation and also explain some of the key elements and terms used in creating a film.

Extremely motivational and made simple for anyone to grab the basics !


Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • The course has been designed for educators who are looking to deliver engaging, curriculum-focused learning experiences in any educational setting.
  • The course is suitable for those new to filmmaking as well as those who already using it in their teaching.