#BU-04-22 Digital Media Analytics: Using ‘Listening Data’

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Learn how you can use social listening tools

On this course you’ll review general-purpose tools to investigate online sentiment and how fast messages spread about competitors or other trends on social media.

You’ll look at some off-the-shelf tools and at creating bespoke social media listening tools using advanced “API spigots” or tools that tap directly into social media flows. You should leave the course with a new awareness of tools for social learning, and how to turn social listening take into useable business insights.

Sorin Adam Matei

Dr. Matei is the College of Liberal Arts Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Communication in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University.



Jessica Welch

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. My research interests include pedagogy and social media interaction.



Who developed the course?

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What Will I Learn?

  • Develop advanced methods to extract and analyse data from social media
  • Identify how API’s can be used to get relevant data to create actionable business insights
  • Explain the differences between mobile analytics and other digital analytics
  • Apply API marketing strategies effectively
  • Describe how mobile marketing strategies work

Topics for this course

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It’s increasingly important to enrich your existing business intelligence solutions by integrating social media data. With an Application Programming Interface, or “API,” you can do just that.

Understanding APIs?

Social media platforms often make their content databases directly accessible. What tools can help you unlock them? And how can you use data mining to get the most out of the valuable information within?


Is there any tool other than Excel to collect and analyse social media data? NodeXL is a free add-on to Excel which can convert it to be a social media data harvesting and automatic analytic tool.

Reflections and Looking Ahead?

APIs are powerful tools. You’re on your way to creating and using APIs to see how quickly messages and trends spread on social media—and leveraging that information for the good of your business.

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This course is really awesome and very helpful.

I'm really happy with this!! Being new to field of data science and analytics, this course covers all the fundamentals.

I've learned a lot from this course although it took time for me to finished it because there is so much information presented in this course.

Great course for people who are looking to grow using digital marketing industry,awesome explanations for each lesson.

As an absolute new beginner, who has no idea of Digital Marketing space; I really find this course useful.

There is no doubt that this course was amazing. I got to learn every single aspect about digital marketing which gonna help me further in this field.


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Target Audience

  • This course is for professionals looking to advance their careers and learn more about social media and digital media analytics.