#BU-02-72 Communicating with Diverse Audiences

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About Course

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Learn to interpret different varieties of English and avoid communication bias

Communication with diverse audiences is necessary for many professions.

You may face communication barriers when talking to people with a different cultural background, who speak different varieties of English, or who don’t share your life experiences and professional practices.

On this course, you’ll learn how different values or expectations, and different varieties of English can pose challenges to effective communication.

You’ll learn to make conscious decisions about the way you use language in interpersonal interactions and how to communicate more effectively through a range of strategies.


Who developed the course?

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What Will I Learn?

  • Describe the layers and facets of culture and of other possible influences on communication practices
  • Assess which factors influence how they and others communicate
  • Reflect critically on their own and others' communicative behaviours to avoid unconscious bias
  • Describe different varieties of English and reflect critically on their own position as an English speaker
  • Apply a range of new strategies to establish rapport and achieve desired goals
  • Explain how language can be used to build interpersonal relationships
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their communicative repertoire

Topics for this course

13 Lessons22h

Introduction to the course?

In this section, you will receive an outline of what you will learn in this course and how you will study. An introduction to interacting with others online in order to maximise learning opportunities will also be provided.
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Join our learning community DISCUSSION00:00:00
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What is culture??

Here you will discover the concept of ‘culture’ and reflect on what it is, and consider the elements of culture and how they affect your behaviour and thinking. Two subject experts will also provide their definitions of culture.

The cultural iceberg?

Here you will learn about the visible and invisible elements of culture, using the metaphor of the ‘cultural iceberg’. You can discuss your own ‘cultural iceberg’ moments and apply your knowledge of the concept.

Being critical?

Here you consider how to find information about new cultural environments. In particular, you will learn how to consider sources about culture with a critical eye, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.

Obstacles in communication across linguistic and cultural boundaries?

In this section, you will watch a role-play highlighting obstacles which may arise in diverse settings. You will also be invited to reflect on your own experiences of communication in such settings.

Summing up?

In this lesson's final section, you will be able to read a summary of this learning.

Material Includes

  • Official Certificate


  • This course is designed for professionals looking to improve their ability to communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries.
  • Recommended for learners age 16+