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Who doesn’t want to improve his web design skill? The more gorgeous your website will be the more traffic will be attracted. If you’re going to treat yourself as a great web designer, then you have to concentrate on your skills very much. A pro web designer has a demanding market. As you know to design a website you have to use graphics and software (Illustrator, Photoshop) which are related to graphics work. To visualize the design on the webpage, you have to write codes in HTML and CSS.

The best designer is he who has a sound knowledge of color, typography, user experience, and trending ideas on design. Moreover, there are some other skills to become a pro web designer. So, I am going to share some useful tips with you to improve your web design skill with the hope in mind that these will help you a lot.

1. Be Trendy

As a web designer, you have to be trendy and follow recent trends. User changes their taste in regular interferences, and they have different tastes. Always try to grasp that trend that people love to receive.

But you don’t need to research a lot for that. Just check the traffic of a well-known site that is related to your site and customize your site by taking some ideas. Look, you should not copy-paste some others’ designs rather you can build your design by yourself just taking some ideas.

You can also make a trend by doing differently. It’s all depending on your creativity. Be a brand by yourself and go with the trend or make your design a trend by bringing some changes.

2. Competition Participation

A competitive mind setup can bring a revolutionary change among you. Yes, that’s true. When you begin to participate in several web design competitions, you will able to make your design unique from others. This competitive mind will help you to improve yourself day by day.

A competition will be held on a certain topic, and you have to think from a different angle to beat your opponents. This mind setup will help you a lot to improve your web design skills. Again you will get a lot of chances to practice designing.

So, always try to take part in every competition possible for you. Don’t worry if your design doesn’t get selected. Remember one thing the more you will practice the more you will learn.

3. Natural Color

To become a professional designer you must have a good observation of color and color selection. Just for a wrong color, your best design may lose its whole appeal to the user. For color selection, you should use natural color. People get used to seeing the natural color every day, and we people love to see nature. You should do some research on color selection and experiment to select the natural color. Presenting your site with cool looking color shade is imperative. You have to be concern about the shades of color.

4. Vector Based Design and HTML5 & CSS3

Most of the time basic or normal web designers don’t use vector design for the logo and related staffs but to become a pro designer you have to learn the vector art design. You should use Illustrator or Corel Draw to design your web pages.
You have to use advanced tools to design your website. Like HTML5 & CSS3 is an advanced language to show your design to web pages. A pro web designer nowadays don’t use HTML & CSS rather they use HTML5 & CSS3 for designing. So, you have to also use these languages for creating a powerful design.

5. Java Scripts & jQuery

At least you have to know the basic javascript, and if you know the advanced javascript and jQuery, then it would be better for you. A pro web designer uses Javascript & jQuery for maintaining the web page behavior and user interferences.

6. Whiteboard Design Making

Get out from the computer and do some design on a whiteboard. It will be more beneficial for you to improve your skill. Whiteboard design will increase your creativity more than the computer screen and anything else. So, before making a design on the computer first use your whiteboard to create a unique design.

7. Social Interaction

Social interaction is the way to learn more about your user’s taste. You should include the share and like button under your post so that the viewer can share and promote you to others. This is the way you can gain more and more organic views. A pro web designer never forgets to create these sections. So you have to be also careful with this.

Again, you have to be up to date and know the tips to protect your website and design from being hacked.

your website more traffic and attractedConclusion

You have known the tips to improve your designing skill. Now, what to do? Just going through from article to article will not help you to educate yourself. You have to practice more and more. As I said earlier the more you will practice the more you will learn. Try to use your creativity while designing a website. Hope that you will also be a pro web designer one day.


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