Online tools offer help for remote learning struggles

While remote learning keeps kids connected to the classroom, the virtual aspect can make it hard for some to grasp certain subjects.

There is support out there for students and parents struggling to make it all add up.

While distance learning for a prolonged period of time, some kids haven’t come as far this school year in certain subjects.

“A lot of students are a lot more on their own in their education than they used to be,” said Richard Rusczyk with Art of Problem Solving.

According to Rusczyk, math is particularly problematic for kids learning remotely.

“Part of the challenge is when the students get stuck, where do they turn?” Rusczyk said.

That’s why Art of Problem Solving, which offers an interactive online math curriculum, has been a resource — especially during the pandemic.

“We are partnering with schools to bring our resources to young students, elementary students from audiences who have been kind of historically under-represented in STEM fields,” Rusczyk said.

With online learning systems, schools, and a thriving problem-solving online community, students find learning models that resonate.

“Kids will teach each other,” said Rusczyk. “Kids learn in different ways, so this is part of why we develop our resources in different lanes.

“They can find videos there, books, even comic books wrapped around mathematics, lots of practice problems.”

Parents can search for the area the child is having problems in, or one they’re really interested in learning.

From helping kids with complicated math, to how to make sure students are learning to problem solve on their own, support and solutions are right at their fingertips.

“The universe of online education is exploding right now,” said Rusczyk.




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