Originally from Worcester, Mass., Loch Baillie is a fourth-year honours English literature and French student at Bishop’s University.

It was March 2020 and I had just returned home from my semester abroad in England—except the semester wasn’t over, I was in quarantine and a deadly virus was beginning to creep its way around the globe. I was meant to be exploring Europe on my study breaks; instead, I was attending classes an ocean away via a chat room.

Everything about this time was strange and uncertain. The concept of online learning was as foreign to me as the words “social distancing” and wearing a mask to the grocery store. It didn’t seem like there was anything familiar to cling to, and even worse, there was no way of knowing what the following months would bring.

In April, I received an email from one of my professors asking if I was looking for summer employment. Bishop’s University was looking to hire students as part of its new online learning and technology consultant (OLTC) program. If I got the job, I would work closely with professors to design fall courses for online delivery, thus playing a significant role in my university’s COVID response.