#IT-04-32 Programming: Saving and Structuring Data

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About Course

Raspberry Pi Foundation


Discover how to save data to use it across multiple runs of your program

On this course, you will learn how to save text and binary files, and how to structure data so that programs can interpret it correctly.

You will explore various common types of structured files, including CSV and JSON, and also find out how to connect to a SQL database to use it in your Python programs.


Who will you learn with?

Eirini K

Eirini is a Learning Manager at Raspberry Pi. An ex-teacher and marketing person, she cares about getting more girls into Computing. She loves the outdoors; dancing, swimming and walking in nature.


Who developed the course?

raspberry pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation works to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world, so they are capable of understanding and shaping our increasingly digital world.

What Will I Learn?

  • Demonstrate how to use Python to store and retrieve persistent data
  • Describe the importance of data persistence and where it is used
  • Compare different types of structured data
  • Modify a program to store data in a JSON file
  • Perform operations on a database using SQL statements

Topics for this course

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Welcome to the course?

Welcome to Programme: Saving and Structuring Data!
Welcome to the course VIDEO (01:36)00:01:36
Meet the team and your fellow learners ARTICLE
What you need ARTICLE

Reading and writing to files?

Learn about reading and writing to files.

Creating a high score for a game?

Learn how data persistence is key to many different applications.

End of Lesson?

Congratulations on completing Week 1 of the course!

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I like this course, because Programming 103 gave more knowledge. I will take all knowledge to teaching my students.


Material Includes

  • Official Certificate

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for those who have a little Python experience.