#CA-04-11 Explore the World of Pop Art

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About Course

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Think you know Pop Art? Think again

Pop Art changed the world – influencing fields as diverse as graphic design, philosophy, music, and advertising. But how did Pop Art really begin? And what do we know about its most famous artists?


Explore the life and work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein

Learning alongside top educators and curators from the internationally renowned Centre Pompidou, you’ll examine the roots of a movement that went on to shake modern culture – bringing disposable ‘low’ aesthetics into the realm of ‘high’ art.

You’ll get a panoramic view of Pop Art, from its unexpected origins to the lives of its most famous figureheads, including Warhol and Lichtenstein.


See why Pop Art matters

Using videos to learn – and fun quizzes to test your knowledge – you’ll stimulate your creativity and expand your knowledge of this influential period in art history.

Closely studying two works of Pop Art from the Centre Pompidou’s own extensive collection, you’ll come away able to look at and comment on works of art – and Pop Art itself – in a whole new way.


What topics will you cover?

  • The origins of Pop Art
  • Pop Art as one of the great artistic movements of the 20th century
  • How Pop Art drew inspiration from popular culture, advertising, design and fashion and which in turn fed Pop Culture
  • Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, the emblematic figures of the movement


Who will you learn with?


Jean-Pierre Criqui is a curator in the contemporary collections department of the Musée national d’art moderne and editor-in-chief of the “Cahiers du Musée national d’art moderne” Centre Pompidou.



Who developed the course?


The Centre Pompidou introduces visitors to the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Enter the world of art and creation through videos, documentary resources and various educational activities.

What Will I Learn?

  • This course is designed to be open to anyone curious, playful, and eager to learn more about Pop Art.

Topics for this course

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Welcome to the Centre Pompidou’s MOOC?

In this video, you’ll get an introduction to our program that’s all about Pop Art.
Welcome to the Centre Pompidou’s MOOC00:01:15

What Is Pop ??

Whiz! Bang! Pop! Pop Art, Pop Culture, Pop Music... What is Pop? Just a buzzword or a term that captures the vibrant energy of an entire era?

Create Your Pop Portrait?

You may not know all the secrets of the master of Pop Art, but you’ve no doubt heard his name or seen reproductions of his work... yes, we’re talking about Andy Warhol, the High Priest of Pop Art!

Pop News?

Pop news Here you'll find weekly Pop Art news : exhibitions, new online content, witty Warhol quotes and a selection of fun facts !

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The course gave me a deep understanding of how pop art takes its inspiration from pop culture, advertising, design and fashion, and in turn feeds into pop culture. The course is not bad.

At the beginning, I took this course purely for my interest in art, but I did not know much about pop art. This course introduced the origin of pop art in detail, which made me find a lot of artistic inspiration.

In this course I was able to follow in the footsteps of the course and study these two pieces of Pop art from the pompidou Center's extensive collection, and I was able to appreciate and comment on works of art -- and pop art itself -- in a new way.

The best part of this course is that readers can study with top educators and curators from the internationally renowned Pompidou Center. Great!


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Target Audience

  • This course is designed to be open to anyone curious, playful, and eager to learn more about Pop Art.