#HI-04-09 A History of Royal Fashion

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About Course

The University of Glasgow


Enter the world of British royal fashion and discover its rich history

A History of Royal Fashion welcomes you on a 5-week journey into the wardrobes of British kings and queens. Your fashion history exploration will span across five royal dynasties from the Tudors, Stuarts and Georgians to the Victorians and Windsors.

You’ll receive exclusive access to the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, and experts at the University of Glasgow and Historic Royal Palaces will invite you to look at a variety of sources that will help you to study the fashion history of British monarchs.

Discover the fashion of the Tudors

Enter the extravagant world of Tudor fashion and learn about how the Tudors used fashion to project power and wealth, how portraits could be used as propaganda and how Henry VIII liked to dress. Observe a real Tudor hat and learn about the dress from the famous ditchley portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

Step into the wardrobes of the Stuarts, Georgians and Victorians

Travel back in time to a 17th Century fancy dress party and witness the costumes and glamorous masques of the Stuart period. Then jump forward to the Georgian period and step into court. You’ll experience courtly dress and big wigs before learning about revolutionary fashion during this time.

Learn about Queen Victoria’s wardrobe and the impact of technological advancements in society on the fashion industry. Take a look at royal wedding dresses and discover Victorian fashion for mourning.

Exploring British royal fashion today

End your journey through the royal eras by studying the fashion of the Windsors. Explore how royal fashion developed into a less extravagant display of suits and blazers.

At the end of the course, you’ll learn about how we conserve and display royal fashion and create exhibitions to highlight the ever-changing trends of British monarchs.

Who will you learn with?

Sally Tuckett

Sally Tuckett

I am lecturer in dress and textile histories at the University of Glasgow. I’m a social historian who uses the study of dress and textiles as a way to access the past.



Eleri Lynn

Eleri Lynn

I am Curator of the Dress Collection at Historic Royal Palaces, where I look after 10,000 items of royal, court and ceremonial dress in the magical surroundings of Hampton Court Palace


Who developed the course?

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow

Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of leading UK research universities.

  • Established :1451

What Will I Learn?

  • Assess the significance of fashion and clothing to individual and collective British royals
  • Identify key fashion developments from the sixteenth century to the present day
  • Reflect on how and why fashions have changed
  • Explore the significance of different primary sources for understanding fashion history
  • Develop an understanding of the history of British monarchs, their family and their reigns

Topics for this course

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Welcome to the course and to our first royal dynasty of fashion: the Tudors. Take a look at the timeline for some key Tudor dates, introduce yourself and tell us what comes to mind when you think about Tudor fashion.
Tudor Timeline
What do you know about Tudor fashion?

Tudor style?

This section will introduce you to the key events and styles of the Tudor era, looking at how style was controlled by law and custom. There’s also a handy guide for creating your own ruff.

Power and propaganda?

We're all familiar with the notion of power dressing, but did you know that the Tudors were masters at it? This section explores how clothing in portraits and fashionable gifts maintained the Tudor image.

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The course took me behind the scenes at the Tower of London, Hampton Court, Kensington Palace and Banquet Palaces to explore monarchs and their family styles, as well as the impact of their clothing on society. Let me deeply understand everything about the wang family life. What an interesting evolution!

Professor Sally Tuckett spoke very well, and I loved her style of teaching. Simple and clear. Vivid figurative. Good job!

The course takes me through the wardrobes of British Kings and queens, from the Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians to the Victorians and Windsors. It taught me a lot about wang's fashion history. It was great.

This course takes the reader through how the royal family USES fashion to entertain, control and fascinate, and it was an eye-opener.


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Target Audience

  • This course is designed for those who have an interest in fashion and history. No prior knowledge is required; all learners are welcome.
  • While the Educators themselves aren’t available to facilitate this run, we encourage you to engage with other learners and there are opportunities to do this throughout the course.